About us

NHS Innovations South East Ltd (NISE) was set up in 2004 in response to the Department of Health Intellectual Property framework and guidance. From the outset, its Memorandum of Association recognised that its primary purpose was to benefit NHS patients by 'providing services to NHS bodies in relation to the exploitation of all potential and actual IP' and 'facilitating technology transfer.... leading to the introduction of improved healthcare': any financial surplus is always reinvested in the company to support these activities.

Over the past twelve years, NISE has worked on more than 1350 healthcare innovation projects. Last year alone, we registered 126 new innovations with the potential to deliver improved patient care and / or better patient outcomes, along with significant savings for the NHS. The current number of completed commercial agreements is 65. However there are many other innovations currently being progressed that have real commercial potential, both at home and overseas.

At the same time, we have worked with NHS Trusts and Health Boards throughout the UK to ensure that they are 'innovations-friendly' and have the strategies, policies and systems in place that they need, going forward, to face the challenge of the future NHS.

In spite of the challenging times in which we are currently operating, we believe the future for healthcare innovation is bright – and we look forward to continued successful partnerships with the region's healthcare innovators and NHS organisations.

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