NIHR to fund £1.2m Portsmouth trials of innovation for asthma sufferers

December 16, 2014

The trials will be led by Professor Anoop Chauhan, Director of Research at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth and the TLA’s principal inventor. The Laminar Airflow in Severe Asthma for Exacerbation Reduction (LASER) trials will monitor 222 patients with severe allergic asthma over a twelve-month period. Those whose asthma remains poorly controlled despite high intensity treatment will also receive TLA treatment using Airsonett, an air-filtering device which is installed beside the patient’s bed to deliver “clean” allergy-free air at night. Further information on Airsonnett can be found at

NHS Innovations South East (NISE) began working with Professor Chauhan and his colleagues when the project was in its infancy; NISE Innovation Manager Janice Sherrard-Brisley helping the team to clarify and protect their emerging intellectual property.  Subsequently, she also helped broker the deal between the Trust and its new commercial partner which has now made this ground-breaking trial possible.

Commenting on the NIHR announcement earlier today, Ms Brisley-Sherrard said “Severe asthma attacks can be extremely debilitating; seriously affecting the sufferers home and working life and requiring sometimes lengthy stays in hospital. We are therefore delighted to have played a part in developing a device for use at home, which could significantly reduce both the incidence and severity of such attacks.  If the trials are successful, this device will be of enormous benefit to patients and the NHS alike - and could have worldwide commercial potential.” 

Further information about asthma can be found at

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