2023 Challenge

December 21, 2014

December 2014  by  Thomas Heath and Sarah Farley

Ideas such as Riannon Furr and Angus Goodson’s portable drug delivery device, or Asli Kalin’s how-to app for junior doctors. Or Rachel Clarke’s haematology education aid for doctors to improve patient care. These were last year’s top-three finalists and, with 2023 support and funding each is developing well.

“We got into the business of being doctors so we can help people and change lives” says Riannon “and this is an opportunity for us to make a massive difference to a great many lives.”

The 2023 Challenge exists to champion the great NHS tradition of innovation, by turning brilliant ideas into real improvements — for patients, staff and everyone committed to making our national health service the best it can be.

The groundbreaking competition gives Thames Valley health and dental care trainees the chance to get funding, support and recognition for an innovation that makes a positive difference in the NHS.

It was inspired by two junior doctors — Alexander Finlayson and Edward Maile — and shows the appetite for innovation among trainees in Thames Valley. The name 2023 declares a future of positive change focused on the crucial next few years.

And it’s a call to action for all those who work on the frontline. If you’re a nurse, doctor, medical student, midwife, healthcare scientist, allied health professional, pharmacist, dentist or dental care professional, then you’re among those who can make the difference.

So if you’ve spotted a way to make things better in your day-to-day work then we urge you to apply.

If we think your idea has potential we’ll give you mentoring and support to help you develop it. You’ll then present to our expert panel and, if you’re successful, we’ll provide funding to help you turn your proposal into something that can make a real, positive difference.

Rachel says “Whatever your idea, big or small, just go for it. It’s us, the junior doctors, nurses, physios and others working on the ground who really know what matters to patients. This competition is an amazing way to be heard, and perhaps to make a real difference for our patients.”

The next 2023 Challenge goes live on the 8th January 2015.  We look forward to hearing about your idea. Apply or find out more at tvwleadershipacademy.nhs.uk


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