Who's got the drug keys?

February 26, 2016

It's an all too common occurrence. A busy ward, a busy department, or simply a busy time of day.  You thought you knew where the security keys were, but they have gone missing or simply not put back.  That’s where a new solution developed in partnership with the NHS makes the difference.  Keyfinder is a simple to use device that has been specifically engineered to meet the challenging needs of a busy clinical environment.

Key Finder is a highly cost-effective and ingeniously straightforward solution to a common issue for medical staff – quickly locating the keys for the secure drugs storage.


Key Finder is inexpensive to buy, virtually free to use and requires no costly infrastructure changes, being designed to plug into a standard electrical socket.


The Key Finder concept was envisaged by Sally Gray, Paediatric Practice Educator at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. She took the idea to NHS Innovations South East (aka NISE) who turned to critical communications provider Multitone Electronics plc to help develop the actual product.

Key Finder works by attaching a fob to the drug keys. When activated by a nurse who needs the keys, it immediately sends an audible alarm and vibrates, alerting the nurse with the keys that they need to be returned.  It also has the option of a night-time mode to reduce noise and disturbance on the ward. In addition, the fob also vibrates and alarms if it is removed from the dedicated clinical area, further reducing delays for patients and helping staff to make the most of their valuable time.

Key Finder is designed to be ward-specific to ensure that adjacent ward areas can use it without cross-interference or confusion.

Key Finder has been subjected to pilot testing in several NHS hospitals. It will be available from Multitone Electronics from March 2016 at a cost of £495 per unit.  


Please contact Multitone Electronics via customer support for further information.


Key Finder Customer Support  0845 519 6495


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