Evaluation & Assessment

Correctly assessing the value of an idea is the foundation stone of innovation success. In order to do this each idea that the NISE team evaluates goes through the following process:

  • Assessment – is the idea genuinely new and original?
  • Testing – does it / will it work?
  • Protection – identifying what is required in order to protect the idea?
  • Market – see Business & Market Analysis
  • Funding – will the project value justify the costs?
  • Partnering – what type of partnering is required in order for the project to proceed?
  • Patient benefit and clinical impact
  • Likelihood of success

But it doesn’t end there that is just the beginning of the innovation journey. Using our experience and knowledge of emerging trends in medical innovation, our professional legal advice on IP protection, copyright and contract law means your trust obtains informed recommendations that highlight those ideas that offer the best return on investment, patient benefit and meet unmet needs.

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