IP Protection

NISE can assist NHS organisations seeking to protect an innovation and exploiting its IP so that an embryonic idea can be successfully taken through to commercialisation. For some they are driven by the need for personal recognition or organisation visibility, for others the protected innovation can contribute to a regional wealth creation agenda.

For each viable innovation the individually assigned innovation manager together with backup from our team of in house legal, business analysis, marketing and business development team will support the inventor and trusts through the process through to commercialisation, adoption and national / international development.

We can –

  • Draft and negotiate commercial agreements
  • Co-ordinate registration and protection on IP
  • Negotiate licencing agreements
  • Assist with the procurement of suitable stage funding such as proof of concept funding
  • Assist with the production of or validation of business cases

NISE has for nearly a decade been helping its NHS members identify, develop and commercialise innovations that can improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare services. Please get in touch via the Contacts Page, or find further details within the Information Library.

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